Since I don’t advertise you must have just met one of my amazing clients, or heard them share their one of a kind travel stories!

My name is Lisa Allen and I am captivated by travel. Experiencing places and cultures around the world can be much more than enjoyable and educational. Travel done well can be life impacting and inspiring.

Over the past decade, travel has taken me across six continents, through extraordinary cultures and educated me with life lessons I now hold most dear.

I do

As it is such a strong passion of mine, it is a challenge to not bring up travel in social settings. In so doing, I began offering suggestions to friends. Eventually, I built enough trust that friends began asking me to plan complete itineraries which created unique experiences designed to match their interests. Over time, travel planning has become one of my passions; it is what I love to do!

My primary focus is small groups of people and matching them with unique experiences difficult to come by. I provide individualized travel services, created to compliment your personalities. Prior to designing a customized experience, I meet with the individual, couple or group to understand their values and goals. Then, it’s off to the drawing board to craft itineraries full of potential opportunities and memories!

Why you should
work with Me

Not being tied to contracts or having loyalties to hotels, airlines or packages, you can be sure your trip will not be the same trip others go on when they travel. I do extensive research and vetting of activities, locations and people during the development of every unique and personal plan.

I maintain contact with your hand-picked travel providers before and during your travel. They are the very people who add the local charm and the spontaneity a printed out day-by-day itinerary loses.

When my clients are on trips, I am monitoring daily and on call 24/7. I have the flexibility to accommodate requests or add enhancements as they present.

What you

The more travel we do together, the more we can really begin to have fun. I have clients who recently agreed to include a 4-day secret destination within their 26-day travel itinerary. Upon arrival to the airport, they were provided an envelope with travel details to follow. Their secret destination was personally selected to leave them with vastly new and different memories they will talk about for the rest of their lives.

Ultimately, personal experience and experiences count when you seek the holiday of a lifetime!

I look forward to working with you - please reach out if you are curious to learn more!